HERVoice Fund Supported AGYW Activity


VET has remained engaged in education sector since year of establishment. The organization has established a number of different project areas and has also formed a number of parents’ education committees (PECs) and school management committees (SMCs). For the sustainability of the schools and its effective operations; Voice of Encouragement Tanzania always uses the strategies such as the true community participation, public private partnerships and the formation and strengthening/capacity building of PECs & SMCs.

Gender and Women Empowernment

VET is engaged in promoting gender equality and addressing women empowerment issues since its inception. The Organization most projects focuses on the issues of violence against women (VAW) particularly the issues of honor killing. Over the few period of rich experience of working on girls and women issues; the Organization has well increased its conceptual understanding and knowledge of the issues of marginalized women and the women vulnerable to domestic violence. During its work on gender issues; the Organization explored and worked with a number of critical stakeholders who could be of great support as for as addressing the issues of gender and women empowerment – particularly VAW is concerned. For example, VET closely worked with School Teachers and Media Representatives to increase awareness and sensitize the local communities and administration for addressing Adolescent pregnancies, child marriage and gender based violence issues. Working with police officers was another successful approach the organization successfully tested.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Building capacity of partners and different stake holders is the cross cutting theme for all VET core programs. VET has been involved in capacity building activities since established. VET has conducted a large number of training workshops for police officers, media representatives, school teachers local NGOs and CBOs, school management committees, community groups, government officers, and project teams of various projects. The Organization has greatly developed its capacity in designing and conducting different nature training and capacity building events for different groups/ stakeholders. The Organization now itself designs and conducts training which cater the capacity building needs of its different partners and clients.